Ironic? Yes.

Wow trevor, I've never seen such a comment that was so mean. You can't say that if you've probably never even seen a cat or seen a mean one that hasn't been trained. But cat's can just go away because you want them to, sure you can say you dislike cats but you want them to die? Keep your opinions to yourself. How would you like it if I said I hope you die just because I don't like you.

jackazz@ya… 11/29/2012

@trevorkluesner I can't believe you would say that. Sure, you dont like cats, but why would you want it to die? its a living thing. Your a cruel fucking bugger for saying that. That's like saying i hat plants, thets get rid of them. it's getting you no-where! Think about what you say. Its times like these where we all realise man can be a right Richard.

lombardia65@gm… 7/08/2012

Why would you ever say something like that? About anyone or thing? That's so rude! -_- shame

Chinese_girl101@ym… 5/03/2012

I hope it died...i hate cats!!!!!!!!!!!

trevorkluesner@a… 4/26/2012

that is ironic poor kitty

ashleydewitt24@ya… 3/22/2012