Reading Throughout Your Life

i love middle school. Boobs are the best thing ever :)

dave@ni… 11/30/2012

so true goin into mid school THIS year. my dad actually warned me bout boys and this is when they start gettin IDEAS. no boy is ever gonna get a girl if they read that junk. its only true.

meeuwse@sbc… 8/10/2012

>:( dang boys...why does no one repect the girls?? im goig to middle school in one year, just so u know. but WHAT AMKES BOOBS SO INTERESTING?? they're just over-sized bumps!!!!

maribelborjas@ya… 6/18/2012

At the Highschool comment, since i'm a junior in highschool. I have just two words to say. . . So true. x'D

celestialnulf@ya… 4/13/2012


zoom9347@gm… 2/15/2012

I'm in middle school too lol

toriluvspuppies@ya… 1/31/2012

LOL im in middle school XD

jacob.fields@rock… 1/16/2012