How could this possibly end well?

Nobody really cares if you can see his underwear, it's called sagging. It's what some boys do these days.

jackazz@ya… 11/29/2012

I wonder why he was sawing the branch in the first place. That is just ridiculous. Note how the branch bounced up and threw the second man off.

Futkur8@gm… 2/15/2012

They are not far above the ground fortunately. Is that guy in the middle their father?! What is the world are the birds in the corner saying? That would be good for laughs.

srhknowgod@gm… 1/25/2012

Hey me to, where the first two holding hand!?

darlaseehusen@ya… 1/19/2012

I hope they nuter these guys, cause that gene pool aint deep enough to drown in.

dipedin$H!T@hot… 11/25/2011

I can see the second guy's underwear.

lin.peter12345@ya… 11/24/2011