This mime is a jerk.

As a policyholder, QuotesChimp also have obligations under the contract (in addition to paying premiums). If you act improperly, the insurance company may be able to get out of paying benefits. There are usually three ways in which a policyholder may be subject to the loss of benefits.

nvr6m605@gm… 3/04/2014


warmachinerocks187@GM… 11/02/2013

for some reason I can't get the video

speedykid1962@ya… 10/10/2012

You can tell that was fake! You saw the dude turn his head before he "ran into the wall"

Apayme@ya… 2/21/2012

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

catsnap@ya… 2/05/2012

lol mimes are magical

joseph@ash-… 2/02/2012

but its not his faltt he cant get owt

josiahk7@ty… 1/25/2012

hahahaha so mean but soo funny

neil.opet@gm… 11/16/2011