His is the exact same look my beloved dog (15 of 15 lifetime) gave me as the vet put him down, and while he screamed like never before. As in, dad why are you murdering me? So, waddya ya think, will I report this?

zebxenon@gm… 6/04/2017

Why do i get the idea that you guys are all from America. weird comments and bad spelling.… 4/04/2013

You guys are taking this way too seriously, it's a dog that's playing and being silly. It was meant to be funny. He's not retarded and it's not sad. It's a cute picture of a dog playing in leaves.

jackazz@ya… 11/29/2012

It's not sad it's hilarious :) If u were in a wheelchair wouldn't you wanna have that much fun ?

judybarnett@li… 7/25/2012

it's just the LEGS, not the entire backside!! it eliminates normally, it's behind is just held up by wheels, not legs!!.......probably didn't help... :D

maribelborjas@ya… 6/19/2012 does it POOP???

skhumbas19@gm… 5/16/2012

Axtually, his wheelchair looks perfectly fine, both wheels are flat on the ground, they just look like they are at an odd angle. And its not sad. If you were in a wheel chair would you want someone saying oh it so sad I feel so bad for you? No. Ty for reading

Scoobydoo838@hot… 4/13/2012

really sad smh



tashakev@tal… 3/30/2012

lol its sooooooo cute and sad!!!:)

ashleydewitt24@ya… 3/23/2012

I don't mean to be rude but it is cute, even if it's disabled my dogs do that all the time, it's just the cutest thing ever, they try to catch the leaves and fetch rocks so it's ok

siclalydelgadillo@ym… 3/11/2012

u guys shouldnt laugh f u for laughing if this happened to yhu u waouldnt want people luaghing at yhu. this is probally just a dog that tripped over a piece of wheelchair (idk) i see its legs front and back nothing wrong with it . so look closely next time u retards!!

poop@ya… 2/27/2012


jdctruss@hot… 2/09/2012

lol woooooow

neneb82@gm… 1/27/2012

thats not funny at all its sad

williamroark2010@hot… 1/26/2012

monkeyr2scool,you're an idiot.the poor dog is retarded. >:(((

calutza_cea_mica@ya… 1/10/2012

haha he has no legs

monkeyr2scool@ya… 11/30/2011