Gender role assignment from the 70s

If it weren't for my parents being born in the 70's i'd HATE IT. XD

divapudpud@ya… 3/01/2012

So true!! O.o

myennjon@ya… 2/11/2012

at first i thought the thing that sed metermaids said mermaids. lolz :))))))

rockstarhaley22@ya… 2/03/2012

yes it is! -double fail-

darrinschofield@ya… 1/29/2012

is it making me say frack instead of frak?

darrinschofield@ya… 1/29/2012

i meant frak not frack lolz -fail-

darrinschofield@ya… 1/29/2012

well frak some girls exept my lovely girlfriend

darrinschofield@ya… 1/29/2012

ROFL! So true!

p*********@li… 1/07/2012

How is this racist? It's sexist if anything and that's what's funny about it. This is from a real CHILDREN'S book from the 70s!

newb@gm… 12/05/2011

And this is racist

welcometothenextlevel@ma… 12/01/2011