Suddenly a realization!

, What's so funny? To which I replied, Winds Kill My Campfire and Storms Make Me Old . He lkeood at me with one eyebrow raised,a funny look on his face and said, Really? No kiddin' . Poor guy. I saw the movie the first time in my 9th grade history class. We had to get special permission to be at school an hour and ten minutes early so we could watch it in hourly installments. Took a week of being at school at 6:00am but we all loved it!

bongiwe.ndamane@uc… 6/26/2013

who farted ? not me

judybarnett@li… 7/25/2012

Gorilla1: "Look! A distraction!" *points beyong Gorilla2's head* Gorilla2: "Huh?" *whirls around* Gorilla1: *runs away* Gorilla2: *stares at Gorilla1 running away* "Man every time there one of those dang cool distractions are around, they hide and I never see 'em. and, the other gorilla goes away. Why?" *thinks deep* "Unless...*eyes widen* *gasp* NO

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tashakev@tal… 3/30/2012

Gaay!! Get SomeFinnk New Buuuddy ! Kthaankss Bye xoxo

Upyours@Gm… 2/15/2012

neil lol

joshuabastos@ya… 1/31/2012

"Oh crap, I think I left the toaster on."

neil.opet@gm… 11/17/2011