I love you couch.

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f6w4b22ftn@hot… 3/04/2014

Great post, Laurel. I so agree with you. If we are having iusess with our spouse, we should do it in private and not in public. If I have something that really hurts me, I tell my beloved Blessings to you and yours

bookings@cap… 6/25/2013

Couch: Well.... that was fast.

kkaatteeyy441144@gm… 7/31/2012

so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

loveit40@li… 2/20/2012

!lol! that looks like garfeild !!!!!!

mkopplinger@mw… 2/20/2012

We Agree Witth The Last Comment.

Upyours@Gm… 2/15/2012


iwilleatyoualive11563@ya… 1/22/2012

I hope he is hugging persian ferniture because that is the soft kind!

jejun@bel… 12/31/2011

Enter your comment here.dis cat kills me bra.lol.#dead#

Jonellmphasha@gm… 12/04/2011

makes you feel fuzzy inside

tcrazylady218@ya… 11/28/2011